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sabbathwitch is a project conceived by and featuring bassist Gyda Gash and guitarist Rena (Petrucci ) Sands of the acclaimed all female tribute band, Judas Priestess. Gyda is also the bassist in the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black with the legendary Kembra Pfahler. On the drums is the heavy hitting powerhouse, Leesa Harrington-Squyres, who plays in the renowned Lez Zeppelin as well.  Leesa was also a long term member of the iconic Texas band Josefus who have been dubbed “The Lost Pioneers of Heavy Metal". You can’t get more authentic than that !

Veterans of the stage, the ladies have a strong fan base individually and collectively.

Gyda and Rena yearned to play in a style that they loved: heavy, riff-driven, blues-based 70’s vintage hard rock........ and sabbathwitch was born! Joining them is vocalist Mark Mitchell. A native of Atlanta GA, with his long blonde hair and boyish good looks, Mark’s earthy voice lends a genuine sound to the music.

sabbathwitch serves up some deep cuts mixed with original tunes. Can you tell witch is witch?

sabbathwitch is not a Black Sabbath tribute band.

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